Therapists 2 Go & COVID-19

December 9, 2022

Therapists 2 Go & COVID-19

There are many variations and stories of the survivors of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Democracy of the United States and the freedoms it lives by contributed to the US leading the world once again but in a horrific category. The U.S. led the world with over 95,000,000 positive covid cases and over 1,000,000 deaths in 2 years.

If you add the death toll from World War II (405,399), World War I (116,516), Vietnam War (58,220), Korean War (36,574), Revolutionary War (about 25,000), War of 1812 (about 15,000), Mexican-American War (13,283), War on Terror (about 7,000), Philippine-American War (4,200), Spanish-American War (2,447), Gulf War (383), you find that COVID-19 has resulted in more American deaths (over 1,000,000 as of Sept. 2022) than the number of deaths suffered during every major foreign conflict (685,000) in United States’ history.

Essential Workers across the country put their chin straps on and kept the country viable at the risk of sickness and death. Healthcare providers dug in to their professions of choice and focused on the patients in their care.

Therapists 2 Go through the Healthcare and Mental Hygiene Worker Bonus partnering with New York State to reward “Frontline” healthcare workers and other healthcare support workers, those who participate in enabling of the provision of healthcare services during these perilous times.

First Line of Defense (Physicians, Nurses, Hospital staff) & The Battlefield (Other Medical Professionals delivering care to patients)

In April of 2020 when Gov. Cuomo Reopened New York City Therapists 2 Go Providers were among the first providers to resume in-person and telehealth services for the children of the NYS Early Intervention Program.

We traveled to all 5 boroughs delivering care to our most vulnerable population, our kids.


Near the beginning of 2022 New York State Vaccine Mandates were looked at as the model for the country but too harsh.  Good or Bad New York (ground zero) tends to be the test model for calamities and strategies for the rest of the country.  States with open space like Texas, Florida & California seemed safe for a time claiming NYS Mandates were excessive and unnecessary.

An invitation as a medical professional from New York to answer questions about the mandate was accepted. These are some excerpts from the show

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