Experience the Power of Early Intervention Service Coordination

Discover the Difference That Authoritative Early Intervention Service Coordination Makes

In early intervention services, service coordination links case management and family-centered care. 

Its main goal is to provide collaborative, community-based services for infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families. It is committed to empowering families, helping them identify concerns, develop plans, and enhance their skills and control over life events. 

Service coordination is essential for all children referred to Early Intervention Officials with suspected disabilities.

The reason is simple: infants and toddlers with disabilities require a comprehensive array of services that multiple agencies or individuals may provide. That’s why federal and state laws mandate the presence of a dedicated service coordinator. 

So, What Exactly Is Service Coordination?

Service coordination, as defined in the regulation, refers to the

“assistance and services provided by a service coordinator to enable an eligible child and the child’s family to receive the rights, procedural safeguards, and services that are authorized under the Early Intervention Program”

These service coordination services are provided by a select group of highly qualified personnel approved by the Department or other state early intervention service agencies.

Service coordinators may serve as municipality employees or operate under contract with the municipality. 

Within the Early Intervention Program, two types of service coordinators play critical roles: initial service coordinators and ongoing service coordinators. Together, they form an unwavering support system, empowering families every step of the way.

But What Makes A Remarkable Service Coordinator?

At Therapists 2 Go, we hold our early intervention service coordinators to the highest standards. 

Each one, whether an individual service coordinator or an employee of an approved service coordination provider, possesses the following qualifications:

When you entrust your child’s early intervention journey to us, rest assured that they will receive our exceptional service coordinators’ unwavering support and expertise.