Empowering Children Through Pediatric Physical Therapy

Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment for Movement Challenges

Our team of expert pediatric physical therapists (PTs) specializes in evaluating and treating children who face challenges in moving their bodies. 

With a passion for transforming lives, we work tirelessly to correct motor impairments, provide resources for missing skills, and build on existing abilities.

Pediatric physical therapy is a comprehensive approach that empowers children to reach their full potential and embrace a life filled with movement and vitality.

It promotes independence, increased participation, enhanced motor development and function, and improved strength and endurance. 

Our physical therapists have the knowledge and expertise to evaluate and treat various conditions.

At Therapists 2 Go, we strongly believe in the power of family involvement in a child’s therapy journey. We understand that you are an essential part of the team, and we value your input and active participation. 

Together, we will develop and carry out a personalized therapy plan that meets your child’s unique needs. Regular discussions about progress, recommendations, and home programming ensure that your child receives maximum physical therapy benefits.

It’s important to discuss a PT evaluation with your physician. For children aged 0-3 years old, you have the option to refer them directly to the NYC Early Intervention Program. 

Don’t hesitate to seek assistance if you notice any issues with your child’s:

The journey to a brighter, more active future starts here. Let us be your trusted partner in guiding your child toward success.

Contact Therapists 2 Go today and embark on a path of transformation, growth, and limitless possibilities for your child.