Comprehensive Occupational Therapy Services for Children

Addressing Motor Skills, Sensory Integration, and Self-Care Deficits

Does your child face challenges in any of the following areas?

As specialists in skill development, our Occupational Therapists are dedicated to evaluating and helping children. They create personalized treatment programs and collaborate with families and professionals.

Our Occupational Therapists have the expertise to work with children diagnosed with various conditions, including:

With the Therapists 2 Go Early Intervention Program, our passionate Occupational Therapists offer individualized treatment sessions to target skill development in the following areas:



Self-Care Skills

Infant Massage

Fine And Gross
Motor Skills

Sensory Integration
And Modulation

Positioning And Adaptive Equipment

Therapeutic Listening Programming

Visual Perceptual And Perceptual Motor Skills

Talk to your physician today about an Occupational Therapy evaluation if you have concerns about your child’s:

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